UKAP is a non profit organisation that finances its costs on its annual membership. To this end all funds raised goes towards the cost of the event in exchange for promotion.

Sponsorship options are available on request if you email: admin@ukadultproducers.org.
There is a range of options to suit most budgets depending on the level of promotion you want with this years event.

All companies and individuals with an interest in investing with this event are invited to participate. Please consider what you want from this event as we have slots for brand awareness with video spots in show and signage as well as on direct link backs to your site to take advantage of traffic as well as signage and promotional banners and social media online during the voting process in the months leading up to the event and beyond which effectively gives you 6 months of promotion either side of the main event for your investment. The additional coverage will be the awards video. This is a publicity extravaganza not to be missed