Nominations Closed

Pre- Nominations for the UKAP Awards 2018 are now closed.

All nominees will be notified when we open for voting before the end of June


All nominees must be currently active in the business and have a body of work relevant to the past year and the category they are selected for.

Pre Nominations

This is the period of time that is the most crucial. It is open to anyone to put forward their nominations for each category. Nominees put forward for the wrong category will be discounted. This is also the time when nominees can inform us if they want to be taken out of competition.

Self Nominating

This has been the most controversial and misunderstood aspect of the UKAP Awards in recent years but a fixture throughout its history agreed on by its members from the beginning to allow those in the industry who would not usually get mentioned a chance to be considered on the merits of their work.

In the interests of fairness, UKAP do not nominate but its members are allowed to. It was thought that this limited nominees to those who have worked and therefore favoured by members. With this in mind, self nominating brought new talent to the attention of the industry and using a variety of internet based options helped to determine nominees being shortlisted for consideration during the judging process.

The UKAP Awards has presented many of its winners with their first awards based on a variety of criteria

All nominees will be determined on their work produced by companies not limited to members of the UKAP association


Judges will have to be fully paid up members to UKAP and on the committee to participate in the judging process.

The categories are limited to those that reflect its membership or outsourced and sponsored by companies who are able to establish their own system and a recognised authority to submit their own niominees and winners

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