Frequently Asked Questions

The following questions have been sourced from a variety of UKAPs social media and forum to help answer any questions you have about the UKAP Awards

What is UKAP for those who do not know?

UKAP stands for UK Adult Producers and it is an association of adult content producers, performers and other companies who are in the adult industry.

UKAP created the awards for producers and talent to be recognised in the UK Adult business.

The awards were set up to record the achievements and raise the profiles of those where a star system was absent. Plus, it’s a great night for us to meet up, party and network.

What does your position as monitor for the awards involve?

To keep an eye on the votes and provide advice and opinion to the judges by questioning their decisions and keep things focussed on those voted for in competition. The aim is for the awards to reflect the best of what the year had to offer. See awards history

Why doesn't UKAP nominate and give the awards to those it deems worthy of winning?

No body by themselves can determine winners without being biased. Decisions have to be done by a committee to be fair and objective. It was agreed that judging should be supported by evidence to quantify winners.

With some notable names left out of competition, how can you determine who is the best exactly?

We can only judge on what is before us after the votes are in Therefore we allow self-nominating to give new talent a chance to break through. There is no excuse to be excluded unless you want to be left out. You got to be in it to win it.

What do you say about awards being fixed?

There are awards that are determined by UKAP members not determined by public or fan votes such as the Recognition Award and the Legends Of Adult Entertainment Award introduced last year for Mary Millington (see 22:56 on time line)

Other awards are outsourced to sponsors who have their own judging process or with UKAP and me being the chairman elect (Terry Stephens) should be proof enough the awards are not rigged.

What are the Recognition, Legends Of Adult Entertainment and innovation & Media Awards?

The Recognition Awards are similar to services to the industry award UKAP give out to those who have done extraordinary things to benefit the UK adult industry that may go unnoticed

Our decision is supported with a speech explaining what the award was won for. We don’t give these things out lightly

The Legends of Adult Entertainment is the hall of fame award to honour those past or present, living or dead for their part in the history of the adult industry. Normally this is triggered by a screening of a film or documentary. Like last year when the film Respectable The Mary Millington Story was screened. The film is about her life against the backdrop of the business during the 70's. We were so impressed by the film we felt it was the right thing to honour Mary who died in 1979. There are parallels to her life with the modern-day experience that we felt necessary to pay attention to such as the pressures of moral discrimination, battles with censorship, the law, mental health and suicide. (see Q&A)

How do you judge the awards?

At least half the categories are outsourced and dealt with by sponsors under a range of their own criteria, mainly by points they have determined from the outset. The one with the most points wins.

UKAPs committee members meet up and discuss the votes and create a shortlist to be determined based on their work produced

The committee judge Best website, best male, best female, best MILF, GILF and best newcomer categories.

Why is there no Best Male Newcomer?

There aren’t enough good male newcomers to warrant an award category unfortunately. Unless someone is exceptionally good we could wheel the award out specially to award them as was the case with CAM in 2016 with Matt Kayd winning CAM4 VR Award (see 21:19)

Why do you allow self-nominating?

If allows the us to recognise those who may get overlooked, particularly those who are new to the business

The awards is about recognising new talent and UKAP is honoured to have awarded a diverse selection of performers their first awards over the years who are still working today and progressed as a result of raising their profile from an award win.

Independent producers have been responsible for a lot of the talent emerging over the years and that is the core of the UKAP Awards foundation, to recognise and award where necessary, new talent likely to succeed

You said the awards is not about popularity to win but you have a Most Voted for Person award. Explain

Being popular has its merits regardless of what the nominee was voted for she was still the most voted even if they lost to a stronger contender for a specific category

This category replaces Top of The Babes which was an independently sourced category from 2014 and 2015 and was only installed as an afterthought simply because Lu Elissa doubled everyone else’s votes and it was hard to ignore.

Why is there no category included for European performers?

We are a UK based awards event. Europeans have been nominated but if their main work is in Europe we are likely to base our decisions on work produced in the UK by UK production companies.

That said we are open to European producers sponsoring this platform but there are events more relevant to them established in Europe already

Why is there No categories included for marginalised groups such as LGBTQ and BBW?

The UKAP Awards reflects its membership We do not have the credibility to decide who is the best in the LGBTQ community where more qualified events are better placed to award those categories.

That said, we have been known to introduce categories when it is relevant to do so as we have done with the Best GILF.

Isn’t it time you gave Ben Dover a lifetime achievement award?

He won in 2006. See Wikipeadia

Where does the UKAP Awards fit in with the other awards?

The UKAP Awards are a producer led awards B2B2C (Business to business to consumer event. This is why we can be flexible and allow non-member affiliates to have their own category at the UKAP Awards if they want it.

The UKAP Awards came about at a time when awards were solely run by broadcast companies at the exclusion of everyone else and awarding their own talent and productions produced in house.

UKAP producers felt the wider business should be recognised for their contributions to the market place because it is usually the independent producers that find a lot of the talent that drive this business and here we are into our 12th year with the UKAP Awards 2017

Which awards event is the most prestigious in terms of winning an award?

It depends on what value you place on these events. UKAP winners are determined by producers via judging, points and votes. You could attend the BAFTAs, The Oscars or Sundance and still find winners are just as happy to win any of them. We feel the same about our awards. We make a big deal about what we do and are proactive in driving the adult business forward and zealously defensive of our interests

How do you select your hosts for the awards?

We've been lucky to have people volunteer for the position. We are pro industry and always supportive of people so it's a good time to shine if people want to flex those awards presentation skills. We expect those who want to present try out for it as the event is filmed and you could benefit from a show reel or a nice keepsake to show the family at Christmas

Is the awards about who gets the most votes wins?

That approach is flawed as you get girls being more popular for categories that would best go to someone else more deserving.

For instance, how many friends or fans they get to vote for them doesn't make them the best performer unless their work was truly outstanding that year. A better reflection of their abilities is to base judging on their work during the year they are being judged for.

To give everyone a fair chance at the voting stage they have to be entered at the pre-nomination stage. This year that closes on June 13 two days before the UKAP Meeting on the 15th. This gap will be the last time for people to nominate anyone they feel is being overlooked.

If it's not a popularity vote why not just judge on those voted for?

The votes are important but judging should still determine who should win based on a variety of criteria such as professionalism, body of work etc. We ask judges to discount attitudes in preference for ability as long as the talent show enthusiasm for their work you don't necessarily have to be friends to make great product which is what making great scenes are all about. Some artists are moody. This shouldn’t detract from their work

Contestants don't have to like us to win our awards. If you win it's simply because you deserved it and that's one of the duties I have as monitor to the event. To take the emotion away from the judging aspect.

Aren't all awards biased towards their favourite performers?

It's true that people are biased to their personal choices out of loyalty but if you're limited to those being voted on then you have to consider a process to arrive at those decisions and we do that by discussing the merits of why a contestant should win.

There are some notable names and companies left out of competition

UKAP as an association does not nominate anyone. It's individual members, associates, fans on social media can do that. This is so UKAP cannot be accused of cronyism. If you want to see people in the competition then nominate them. Don't complain about it later when you could have made the difference before. Pre-nominations close on June 13th and opens for voting June 19th

There is a process we have to go through to arrive at the final selection. Just remember your choices must have work released during the period of June 2016 to August 2017 to qualify.

How does winning an award benefit its winners?

UKAP pride itself on awarding performers and services their first ever awards. We enjoy seeing their progress knowing that events such as ours raises their profile within the business to see them gain greater heights and that comes with better paid jobs and work abroad if that's what they choose to do. Some of our winners over the years had not been noticed until they won. This may not be down to winning the award as much as it was being noticed so the nominees get good promotion too. Everyone wins

Why is there no category for BBW/ Trans Gender or marginalised groups?

Categories selected in competition normally reflect the membership of the association. Some categories are outside the scope of the association and therefore would not be credible of UKAP to put forward winners on areas where events relative to those categories are better placed to make those decisions.

What reasons are there for anyone to be excluded from competition?

Some people want to quietly make movies and mind their own business. That’s a choice we have to respect. You don't have to be part of the awards process but if you are looking for a cost-effective way of giving your business a boost then the Awards are a good place to start.

What should anyone do if they want to opt out of competition?

Contact us by email and state simply you want to be removed from competition

Where do you see the UKAP Awards with all the other awards going on during the year?

We recognise our place as a producer led event. We are Business to Business but with a fan base and interests expanding to consumer as we engage fans in our commercial interests collectively.

We are usually a model first time award so I see us as an entry level award system to emerging up and comers who want to make a name for themselves. UKAP are proud to have awarded performers, services and sites with their first ever awards

How do attendees and winners benefit from the awards

A winner’s success is determined by them getting their own work but there’s no denying that winning an award gains more recognition from the wider business in general. Most of our winners have gone onto bigger and better things. I could cite examples of people in the business for years who won an award going onto bigger productions and better paid jobs because an award is an endorsement of ability. You must be good if you won. The awards are important for our sponsors making themselves known to the business or they wouldn’t continue to support us year after year.

That said, winning awards is not everything. Our business is far and wide across the UK and the events bring people to one place to network so these events are the best way to network and meet people in a social and fun setting. This has had positive effects on shoots as these network events are an ice breaker for great shoots

It's been said that the UK Awards are not recognised in the US? What do you have to say about that?

If that was true UKAP wouldn't be pressured by unnamed individuals in the US telling us if we want to be taken seriously then so and so should win. We have had guests from the US such as XBiz and even mainstream Entertainment at our events. The awards raise your profile and for many over the years we have been their first win. I'd say our awards are as relevant as any other Go look at our track record in our Awards history on the official site.

Are the results of your awards dependent on how much the sponsor pay into your event?

Nope. Not at all. If a sponsor wants to be recognised for their brand then all they must do is sponsor a category or create their own platform and elect their own winners. All sponsors involvement with the awards are interested in their brand or service being promoted to the wider industry and are, to the best of our knowledge impartial to who wins.

Do you think the system for awards is flawed?

Anything determined by subjectivity is flawed but we like to think we get as close to the right winners every year. It’s a process we take very seriously even if you see us having fun with it on the night. Let’s face it, no one wants to turn up to an event and see other people win unless they were getting something from the event too and that is contacts, paid work and a good time to celebrate with their peers

Why are UKAP events not open to the public and why should anyone attend if they're not likely to win?

Our events are kept strictly Industry to maximise on networking opportunities. There are other events for fans to meet performers. Being seen at industry events tells the business you are still active and available for work. If you are out of sight then you are out of mind.

Why is there no category for independent webcammers?

There are too many web cam performers to judge such a category fairly without data to support our decisions. Every platform has their own winner who can easily identify their winners on a variety of criteria. The best way to find the best web cam performers is to promote the various platforms winners have profiles on.

What do you offer in exchange for sponsoring the Awards?

There are a variety of packages open to sponsors. You can sponsor a category best suited to your brand and have your logo engraved on the award to present to the winner on the night or you can have your own category to award your own winner and runner up. We are flexible and can tailor your needs to what you want to do. Contact to discuss or get information.

What is the one thing you are most proud of doing the UKAP Awards?

It warms our hearts no end to see winners who don’t expect to win and appreciate winning not aware of how much effort it took for us to arrive at that decision. Only those involved will appreciate the effort we make to arrive at those decisions We take the awards seriously and have fun with it on the night

How did Fake Taxi win two years running to being completely absent from competition last year?

Yes, I thought that was odd and did speak to JT but nothing came of it but it was so odd for it not be nominated. In fact, the nominations for Best Website were at its lowest last year that we considered ditching that category this year but the association voted to keep it

We suspect things affecting websites like ATVOD were to blame as some nominated sites requested to be taken out of competition which was odd because ATVOD closed late last year but if you paid attention or was a UKAP member you would have known that

What message would you give anyone about the UKAP awards?

Relax and enjoy yourself on the night. The winners are determined objectively. I’ve said for a few years now that you don’t even have to like UKAP to win our awards.

Make sure you use the 2 hours meet and mix to make connections and get work done before you party hard. Bring a business card and give them out.

How does one get an invite to the awards?

We are open to all adult industry to attend. If you are in the business then you are welcome. We don’t have the means to contact everyone so we suggest you apply for the guest list on the awards site

If you have any questions about the awards or want to get on the guest list email: