UKAP is a non profit organisation therefor all funds raised goes towards the cost of the event(s) Depending on the package this may include the premiere screening of Hardcore Guaranteed the story of Mike Freeman a pioneering pornogrpaher in the 60s and the rise and fall of his company Videx in the early 80's.

Sponsorship packages are available on request if you email: admin@ukadultproducers.org.
There is a range of options to suit most budgets depending on the exposure you want at this years event.

All companies are welcome to participate. Please do consider what you want from this event as we have brand awareness, on screen advert slots and on site signage with ongoing promotion on social media and online during the months leading up to the event, on the day and beyond the event which effectively gives you a years worth of promotion for your investment with the UKAP Awards site and across our social media as well as the video of the night and all press coverage. This is a publicity extravaganza not to be missed.