What is the UKAP Awards?

The UKAP Awards is a UK based, producer led event that has been responsible for many new talents from performers, producers and services winning their first awards since its inauguration at Hammersmith Palais in 2005. Following on from the UKAP Awards, many winners have gained international recognition and opportunities here in the UK and abroad.

The aim of the UKAP Awards is to celebrate the adult industry and rewarding all involved with a network event to showcase the most outstanding achievers of the year. This is determined by the nominees dedication and quality of work which must be released or published within the 12 months prior to the winners being decided and finalised in September.

The purpose of these awards is to offer a historical record of the adult business for each year UKAP holds the awards. It is also a hub for the adult business community to celebrate, showcase and promote itself with a network event to celebrate the efforts and talents of the UK Adult Business regardless of winning.

See our history from recent years. Further research will provide information on previous winners using Google and Wikipedia .